How to add a new Senior Project?

**One person per project is needed to fill out the form.


Click here to get to the form: 

How to set up your project files:

  • Project Folder (Senior Project Name)
    • Text File (README.txt) [Project Description, Mentors names, and Product Owners names. List team member names with LinkedIn, Git Repo URL and Youtube project video URL]
    • Asset Folder [Poster image from each team member]


Start by typing in your Senior Project name in the Title Field.

To add your project video you first must go to the Youtube Playlist for your project.

You can visit to see all the Senior Project Playlist here.

Click on your group project playlist videos and on the new window COPY the URL from the browser address toolbar.

Next, you will PASTE the URL in the field labeled Video Playlist Embed.

The Project Description feild is breif statement about the project overall.

Mentors and Product Owners fields should be filled out if the information is available.

Each team poster should be uploaded in here as an image.
Poster must be in .png, .jpeg or .jpg image file types.

Here is a video to convert a PDF to an Image

Adding Team members requires you to be prepared with a few information from each member of the project.

Required Fields:

Full Names, Team Member Project Images, Team Member Youtube video URL, LinkedIn URL, and Git Profile URL.

Semester Term will place your project with the right Year and Semester. Just Check on the box with the term where your project belongs.


We recommend that you double check the entries before submitting the project.

When you are done click SUBMIT NEW PROJECT. You will be redirected to your project page which will display your project with all your entries in place.

The site editor will get a notification of the new submission to review and publish.

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